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Businesses today are undergoing disruption. With innovative products, newer business models, technology adoption and a fast changing world, it is imperative that you as a business need to be ready. Software development and adoption has become key to business success in the UK and global market. At AMRAS Labs, we’ve developed a data centric methodology using Agile principles to help businesses of all shapes and sizes develop successful products in faster sprints, resulting in better market validation, lower cost and better ROI.

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10+ Years of Product Expertise

We have helped businesses in the UK and EU develop products which have helped them industry leaders in the space.

Dedicated Teams for On-Time Delivery

We have custom dedicated teams who will work with you to ensure timely delivery of your product. The projects will be managed by dedicated account and product managers

Data Centric Lean Approach

We believe in moving fast! We understand that getting your product out of the door faster is key for your success. We follow Agile methodologies that will help you validate quickly in small steps


5 mistakes of jumping from idea to development too soon

Imagine this conversation: Visionary Founder to Software Developer OR Business to Service Provider: “Hey! I have a brilliant idea for a new product/service, that will change the shape of our industry forever. This is how I see it working……. How long will this take us to build, and how much will it cost? How quickly […]

What is the cost of building a mobile app or software application?

The perils of requesting for a quote from a service provider too soon   Would you ever imagine travelling like this? I bet you wouldn’t. However, when you ask a service provider to give you a quote for a project very early on, this is exactly how it is. In our years of experience at […]

Salesforce Health Cloud – Managing Patient Care Effectively

An effective Patient Care Management helps patients with better clinical outcomes through constant and continuous monitoring and timely interventions from the care team. Imagine a patient suffering from Dementia. She needs a care team, who can not only monitor daily activities, but also enable her with the right medications, tests and other needs as and […]

Case Study


The client wanted a digital solution to ensure patients can pay and book a health check package from the web application with his preferred date and time.The client wanted flexibility to add discount coupons and add/modify/delete packages as needed. The product needed to be scalable to be rolled out with added features and products at a later stage.

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