30 Minutes Product Consulting

Amraslabs Founder Avinash Bajaj will provide a product consulting and mentoring to businesses who need to:

  1. Understand User Research
  2. Understand User Stories
  3. Define Solution
  4. Define a Product Roadmap
  5. Identify MVP


Whether you need an e-commerce application, or an Uber for X, or a learning management system, Avinash will help with quick pointers on how to go about a successful product development process

Why should you avail this?

Front End Development

User Research

Understand how to do a user research and create user stories which will help in establishing context

Backend Development

Solution Definition

A successful product definition will require establishing a problem and identifying and defining a solution.

Content Management system

Selecting Product Development Team

How do you select the right partner? What should be the scope of work? How do you prevent failures? Let Avinash guide you.

15 mins – you describe your most immediate product development problem you are having

10 mins – Avinash will give suggestions / guidance / advise on how to best approach that product problem

5 mins – Wrap-up and Q&A


Price: GBP 50.00



About Avinash:

  • 10+ years in Product Management
  • Product Director
  • Helped launched successful products for several startups and established in UK and Europe

Ready to have a conversation?

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