The Problem

“Globesity” – A global epidemic of overweight and obesity has lead to a drastic increase in diabetes. The cost to society is £39Bn/year by 2035 (UK). 5m people in the UK alone will have been diagnosed with diabetes by 2025.

The Opportunity

A new market is opening up in the gap between the “wellness” portion of the fitness market and actual medical applications. Digital health & Digiceuticals is increasingly a viable alternative or complement to pharma treatments. 46% of 18-34 year-olds have a health, wellness or fitness app. This is a hot investment area with £2.6bn invested in digital health in the US in 1H 2018. Total spending on healthcare, wellness and fitness is forecast to be £209bn in 2020.


The requirements were to build a digital solution to help users manage and reverse Type 2 Diabetes. The concept was to build a mobile application, with AI capabilities that can allow people to be the best version of themselves.

The Solution

A thorough analysis was undertaken to understand the health and wellness behaviour of customers who have Diabetes Type 2. We defined various user personas and defined their user journey and health needs. Based on the need, a user flow diagram was developed along with inputs from the business on the vision and mission.

The product strategy helped us define the UI/UX of the platform. Gamification was a key component that was developed to keep users motivated and inspired to come to keep using the application.


The app was launched in the UK iOS app store with great success! Some screenshots below: