How can the NHS in the UK benefit from Digital Transformation

NHS Digital Transformation

A study by the Taxpayers Alliance suggests £12.5bn (or one tenth of the NHS budget) could be saved by automation across the health service, in a year. The report also suggests that 9 in 10 people preferring to book GP appointments online.

Matt Hancock, the health secretary has stated the importance of tech transformation to automate services and processes that can free up resources.

NHS is under a lot of pressure because:

  1. Ageing Population: Population is growing older and hence they need more medical care
  2. Staff Shortage: The number of doctors and nurses are not able to keep pace with the growing demand
  3. Lifestyle Factors: Alcohol intake, consumption of packaged junk food, lack of fruits and vegetables, smoking and lack of exercise are contributing to a lot of diseases which require medical treatment and the demand keeps increasing

Under this scenario, it is imperative for the NHS and even for private healthcare delivery centers to adopt scalable digital processes to handle the challenges of finite resources.

How can technology transformation help the NHS?

  1. Online GP appointments – With adoption of mobile phones and widespread use of e-commerce, consumers are used to booking appointments and buying products online. Using technology, NHS can facilitate GP bookings online and automate the process, such that there is no need for human intervention. To execute this, the digital strategist, the CTO and product head should be able to develop the backend slot management for each GP which can be updated in real time. The same can be accessed across websites or mobile apps where patients can book appointments based on real time availability of slots
  2. Booking health checkups online – Health checkup packages should be presented like an e-commerce storefront where a consumer can come, choose the preferred location and package, choose an available date, make the payment and get confirmed health check appointment without the need for human intervention. Imagine your old folks living in the UK and you can book their GP appointments and health checkups at the click of a button sitting across the Atlantic.
  3. Health Tracker App – Healthcare delivery services are currently using a reactive approach to treatment. Instead if they have a proactive approach, they can identify potential risks in a patient even before the patient realizes and ensure timely intervention. This will help in better optimization and utilization of resources and better clinical outcomes. Identifying different patient segments and developing tailored apps to track and monitor daily activities can help GPs develop a better relationship with the patient as well.
  4. Digital Delivery – With evolution of digital video streaming and high power internet, it is possible to consult GPs remotely without the need to travel to the hospital.
  5. Patient CRM – Can the NHS look at exploring a CRM system with a patient facing app to ensure better post-operative care once the patient is discharged from the hospital after a surgery? This will ensure better clinical outcomes for patients in the long run
  6. Automate Patient registration and check-in process – Patient walking into a clinic will need to register manually and fill in all the relevant insurance details. The process can be automated through a web based app and an in-clinic Tablet with built in software to ensure all patients are registered and stored in the database without human intervention
  7. GP-Patient Interaction Record – Clinics can implement a digital database for each patient where the entire clinical history of the patient and his/her interaction with the GP is recorded. This will ensure seamless delivery of effective healthcare should there be any loss of physical reports or a change in GP. The data can also be used into the health tracker app or the patient CRM to ensure continued effective healthcare delivery


While rising demand, staff shortages and social care budget cuts are only going to make matters tougher for the NHS, adoption of smart digital tools can ease up the resource pressure. The focus can be given on effective healthcare delivery and better clinical outcomes than on redundant processes which can be disrupted by automation.


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